pointless (2018 - 2019)
1 -16 / works in the exhibition - titles in caption
woven polyester, lacquer, industrial aluminium

  • cross sections: 105 cm × 143 cm × 4 cm (w×h×d)
  • preliminaire study for the veil of light: 120 cm × 1550 cm × 4 cm (w×h×d)
  • pointless arrows series: 21 cm × 36 cm × 2 cm (w×h×d)
  • other works in the exhibition: 60 cm × 80 cm × 3 cm (w×h×d)

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I used a line to underline a point, a shape, an object, or a word in the screenprint editions previously. It indicated where the foreground was in relation to the background. In essence, they were references, arrows without points. A guide for the viewer; an underlined word draws attention, a floating image can finally land. One would expect that a line evolving into an arrow finally provides clarity, direction, and helps us move forward. But everything depends on the context in which the arrow is found; where it begins and where it ends, and what to find there. Arrows are cast as bait to provoke new connections, to attract attention elsewhere.

The title 'Pointless Arrows' refers to a collection of digital and analog images (see archive 1.1 and archive 1.2). The quality of these images lies not in deliberate aesthetic consideration, but in the aesthetics of randomness. In their original context, they lack inspiration and vitality, but detached from that context, we can observe them as small valuable artifacts and forget that they are bad photos, failed scans, or at best, one-time wonders."