memory series (2023)
1 -7 / titles in caption
woven polyester, tarpaulin, lacquer, industrial aluminium
memory series: 143 cm × 200 cm × 4 cm (w×h×d)

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The common thread of restoration and revaluation permeates the hundreds of paper works (constructions) I have created over the past years. But at the request of the hospital, Where I was invited to host a solo exhibition in 2023, I am showcasing large canvases. While building upon the technical approach of the paper works, these canvases incorporate a different technique developed since 2018. In these pieces, discarded screen printing mesh from industrial sources becomes the carrier for visual constructions serving as an external memory. Here I store valuable discoveries, memories, and  bits of wisdom. (my memory is a sieve / mijn geheugen is een zeef / een zeef is mijn geheugen)

Since 2022, my studio has been situated in a section of a gingerbread factory where the archive of the hospital used to be housed before they built their new headquarters. Here, the reclaimed mesh is carefully restored, trimmed, reassembled, and saturated to achieve new purposes. The work bears many traces of these intensive treatments, honoring the past with all its highs and lows before being built upon further.