INTRO by Pieter Maria Steyaert

Obed's work and I hold a common history. We've occupied and shared studios, collaborated artistically, and through all that I was able to witness the youth and development of his artistic journey. I've developed an intimate fascination with his work, built upon his radical techniques..
... but there is more than stories of the secret life of glue, the emulsive struggle of screen printing inks and paint, and the surprising textures of refurbished aluminum –– though these are vital to his process and result in his characterising style. It is the multilayered depth of his creations that truly defines them. His pieces invite an immersive engagement, beckoning the viewer to lean in closely, to discern the intricate details that lie hidden at first glance. But they also require the viewer to step back, to appreciate the overarching narratives and set of symbols that emerge within a series and span across his oeuvre. Each interaction with his art unveils a complex recursion — a perpetual interplay of references that echo both visually and thematically through the realms explored on earth and beyond.

During a recent visit, Obed unveiled the latest iterations of his series. Rather than showing printed reproductions, he chose to prepare variations of his new works specifically designed for travel abroad. For me, as a friend and colleague, this gesture reflects Obed's essence — an artist committed to the sensorial dimension of art, as well as a person who values the authentic connection over the convenience of representation.

I've witnessed his artistic growth firsthand, and he is, without a doubt, one of the most – if not the most – interesting and promising artists and colleague I know.

Pieter Maria Steyaert, April 2024