Printproject 15
papier 2017
AAF screens

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Printproject 15 
on Fabriano Watercolour 300 g/m2
hot pressed 25% cotton paper - acid free

artist:    Obed Vleugels 
size:      width 38 cm - height 50 cm
edition:   10

technique: screenprint 2 - 4 colours

This page features only the work which is part of a 'Printproject' I've been running in 2015... These prints are small experiments, exercises with shapes, colors and transparency, executed to further develop screen printing skills and to uncover personal handwriting.

They're all handprinted, and the full process often doesn't involve a computer; Images are built up with layers of photocopies, cuttings from magazines or imagery from old books I'm collecting since years. The result is then transferred onto a film, exposed on a screen and printed by hand on Fabriano's wonderfull 'Watercolor' paper (300 g/m²). The papersize is always 38 x 50 cm. (because of the manual process some imperfections, spots, cutting lines or ink specks can give every print a slightly different look, as well as a unique character)
From every limited edition of 10, numbers 3 till 10 are sold first trough the webshop. Number 1 is being archived, and the last remaining copy (number 2) is finally sold at a higher price, this full amount is then donated to charity.

© Obed Vleugels 2018